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 Use Waste Residue To Produce Baking-free Brick To Create Fortune and Increase Income
    The Industrial slag can be used as raw materials for baking-free bricks, using slag as raw materials to produce baking-free bricks not only protects environment and saves energy, but also needs lower costs, and...
Source:Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,  Posted:2013-06-27  Browse:3019 Times 
 Using Construction Waste To Produce Bricks, Double Benefits for Economy and Environment.
    As the concrete bricks protect the precious land source of our country, and achieve the recycle of resources, such as the waste slag, construction waste and etc, through the brick machinery can change them into...
Source:Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,  Posted:2013-06-27  Browse:1704 Times 
    With world-leading technology in ceramic industry, RAK Ceramics Co., Ltd has now started the new journey to auto bricks industry. Right now their first automatic brick making production line is under constructi...
Source:Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,  Posted:2013-06-27  Browse:3024 Times 
 Warm Congratulations on our Hoffman Kiln project with daily capacity of 100 thousand pcs bricks in Bangla...
    As requested by our customer in Bangladesh, our engineer went to the local factory site for project supervision work. The project designed with daily capacity of 10 thousand pcs Bangladesh standard bricks and a...
Source:Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,  Posted:2013-06-27  Browse:2208 Times 
 Bangladesh Exhibition
    Warm Congratulations on Our Company's Success in 15th Bangladesh CONEXPO Exhibition.
Source:Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,  Posted:2013-06-27  Browse:1650 Times 
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