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Using Construction Waste To Produce Bricks, Double Benefits for Economy and Environment.
Source:Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,Ltd | Posted:2013-06-27 | Browse: 1321 【Close

As the concrete bricks protect the precious land source of our country, and achieve the recycle of resources, such as the waste slag, construction waste and etc, through the brick machinery can change them into baking-free bricks, thus to achieved the recycle of resource, so our country issued some relevant policies to support the development of cement brick market energetically.

In fact, the soil mixing, cement and other construction waste through the crushing and screening to reject the wood, rebar and organic matter, and then crush the slag, after being crushed, the recycled aggregate, ecotype cement and water will be mixed in proportion, and then through the process of brick making machine can achieve standard brick with high performances.
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