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Use Waste Residue To Produce Baking-free Brick To Create Fortune and Increase Income
Source:Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,Ltd | Posted:2013-06-27 | Browse: 2905 【Close
The Industrial slag can be used as raw materials for baking-free bricks, using slag as raw materials to produce baking-free bricks not only protects environment and saves energy, but also needs lower costs, and for the investors, it can create fortune and increase income quickly.
Using waste residue to produce baking-free brick and concrete brick has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it can protect land source effectively, and the ordinary and traditional clay red bricks already have more than thousands of years history in our country, the baking of red bricks destroys a mass of available cultivated land directly. Facing the serious situation of land source, the baking-free brick machine comes into appearance complying with the historical trend. In a large part, it solves the national land source crisis and establishes the material basis for our descendants to live in this land better.
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