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Company Profile

 Shannxi Ibrick Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Xi,’an capital of Shaanxi province of China. Xi’an is well known as the world's four major ancient civilization capitals with Athens, Rome and Cairo.

Xi’an had been the world first city which population had achieved one million (about 1400 years ago)and had been the world biggest city and world center for over 500 years in human history.

 Xi’an is also the important origin place of world brick tech and culture in history. During the Qin and Han dynasty (from BC 221 to AD 220), It is well known as “Qin brick and Han tile” in world history.
 In our city, you can find ancient constructions built by brick everywhere, Big Wild Goose Pagoda , Xi’An City Wall and Xi’An Bell Tower are all world famous buildings of them. Besides the Chinese brick museum “Qin Brick and Han Tile Museum” in this city, Xi’An itself is the alive brick museum of the world.
 Shannxi ibrick technology Co.,Ltd develops its business by inheriting the idea of starting business with hardship, people-oriented and innovation.
 IBRICK is the technology initiator whom firstly professional supply clay brick sintering two-step stacking-firing process in the world. The company has always implemented rigorous, secure, and integrated industrial chain management and provide professional engineering management, technology solutions, equipment purchasing, trade and etc. for the clay sintering brick project all around the world.
 As an ambitious and vigorous enterprise, we are committed to technology innovation, management innovation and gradual enlargement of our team. We commitment to technological innovation, management innovation, and steady enlarge the business team all the times for providing total solutions for the world-wide clients in producing the following items: Sintering Hollow Bricks, Ganged Brick, Insulating Block; Paving Bricks; Western-style Tiles; Split Bricks; Sand-lime Bricks or Blocks; etc.
 The inspection of raw materials-------raw material industrial test, providing specific and targeted technology solutions according to scientific data tested;
 The complete technology design-------- supplying to customer the technology of materials processing, shaping, drying, firing, packaging, unloading and etc.
 The supply and installation of the complete production line equipments------- supplying to customer advanced technology and the most economical, high-quality equipment.
 The construction of complete set production line-----contracting to build the EPC projects of building materials.
 The accurate and timely local services-------- providing the production management service after construction; the lifelong technology service support, establishing plants which can create more value for every users.
 We are willing to make our progress with all of you hand in hand, make efforts continually and become a promoter of world-wide brick-making cultural by our constant innovation and non-stop efforts.
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