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Business Overview
Our supply full set of turnkey project for production line, including the complete line design, engineering management, civil engineering of kiln and drying chamber, the foundation building, supplying, installation of all the equipments, the supplying and installation of compressed air, water and power system and etc. After we complete the whole project, we will pass the production lien to customer for using directly.
1.Project design
According to the different raw material and fuel conditions, climatic feature and production requirements from different country by different user, We can supply the most advanced, complete and mature production line design including the full sets of design drawing of layout, firing protection, plant building, technology (including raw material treatment and molding), thermal, electric, water supply and discharge system, compressed air system, heating, ventilated and etc.
Our design including refined calculative technology, kiln and drying chamber design, proper and reliable equipment selection and each program has their living example with fine quality and high-efficiency.
2. Production line diagnose and reform
We also supply customer production line diagnoses and reform for the existing line.
For the existing design, equipment, thermal building, running system and etc that being with great fault and shortages lead to the new production line can not achieve the scheduled capacity and quality, we can supply full set of diagnosis, reform proposal and service.
For the technical problems in productive process leads to the quality or quantity reduced or it need replacing some equipment, we can supply full set of diagnosis and reform proposal and service.
For the production line need to add automatic stacking machine, destacking, packing, automatic materials distribution or detecting system, we can supply full set of diagnosis, reform programs and service.
3. Production line operations management
We can provide full set of management system for the operating producing line, including the operating duty of each machine, drying chamber and kiln, the safety production rules, the allocation and management system of each post and the duty of each post to provide the help to enterprise for establishing the production line operating management system. In addition, we can also dispatch the professional manager to provide corresponding service.
4. Production line after-service
For the equipment, part of production line or whole production line supplied by our group, we can professionally supply you fast reactive quality guarantee, maintenance and repair schedule and improving measures. We supply you the most perfect and satisfying service stand at the point of users.
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